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Their 2-day course "Service Testing with SoapUI Pro" is an intensive hands-on course which shows you how to use SoapUI Pro to test SOA, Web, REST, and JMS services for scalability, performance, and reliability. All students receive a 350 page workbook, 120+ exercises, and a certificate of completion. I've always found soapUI to be a 'must have' tool for SOAP testing. I saw the 5.1.2 release and thought this would be a good thing to have. Unfortunately it continues to hang (sometimes to return after 30 seconds and sometimes not at all) with any attempt to create a new request for a service. SoapUI SoapUI هي أداة اختبار مفتوحة المصدر لخدمة SOA (البنيات الموجهة نحو الخدمة) وعمليات نقل الحالة التمثيلية. تغطي وظائف المنصة فحص خدمة الويب والتطوير والاستدعاء والمحاكاة والسخرية والتحميل والاختبار الوظيفي وكذلك SOAPUI is not just a functional Api Testing tool but also lets us perform non-functional testing such as performance and security test. Let us discuss the 5 important features of SOAPUI . 1) Functional Testing. A powerful tool allows testers to write Functional API Tests in SoapUI ; Supports Drag-Drop feature which accelerates the script development ; Supports debugging of tests and allows Einleitung. Neben SOAP und XML-RPC gibt es eine weitere Alternative für die Realisierung von Web Services. Thomas Roy Fielding beschreibt in seiner Dissertation einen Architekturstil, den er REpresentational State Transfer Architektur oder kurz REST nennt.. REST basiert auf Prinzipien, die in der größten verteilten Anwendung eingesetzt werden - dem World Wide Web.

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